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If You Need Help With A Swarm

A honeybee swarm can look and sound intimidating if you don’t understand why they are there.  Our goal is to change that perception.  This may be a difficult task as many have a fundamental fear of bees.  That fear is often associated with the more aggressive hornets or wasps.  But in truth, the last thing a honeybee wants to do is sting someone as that act will lead to their demise.
We hope that after visiting  this website, if you come across a honeybee swarm that you will understand the marvel of what you are witnessing.  This can be a fantastic learning experience for everyone!
We make it easy to report a swarm.  Simply check our list for a beekeeper near you and give them a call.
  • No waste of time trying to get your GPS location.
  • No waste of time entering information on our site.
  • No waiting around for someone to contact you.
  • You Take control,  contact the Beekeeper you choose and provide the information they ask for to get immediate service.  
At Swarm911 we know that Saving honey bees should not be complicated.
While you are here, look around,  maybe we can make you a honey bee fan if you already aren’t.  who knows?  maybe we will awaken that inner Beekeeper inside you.  
Thanks for helping the honey bees.
Honeybee swarm in flowering tree

Did You Know…

That A Swarm Of Bees Has A One 1 out of 6 chance Of Surviving on their own After Swarming ?  Their Chance Of Survival Is Higher In The Non Populated Wilderness Areas.

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Why Call A Beekeeper?

In most cases a swarm will leave once the scouts have found a suitable location for a new hive.  However, they face increasing challenges to maintaining the hive health.  Under a Beekeepers care, they have a much better chance of continued propsperity.
Relocating a swarm into a hive
A Swarm Being Introduced To Their New Home

Here are the Most
Frequent Questions

As a hive grows, it becomes more crowded and there is limited space for the queen to lay eggs.  The hive inherently senses this and makes preparations for the existing queen and some of the worker bees to leave and start a new hive.  Typically a new queen is in the process  and will take over after the old queen leaves with the swarm.

Typically not.  The bees are filled with their honey stores and their mission is to wait with the queen until they get the signal to move on.  They have no desire to confront you but I would play it safe by observing from  a safe distance.  As always if you are in an area that can be populated by Africanized bees, do not even attempt to approach and call the appropriate professionals. 

It’s really not necessary as the emergency professionals are not equipped to handle this particular situation.  Hopefully they will refer you to this website and you can find a local beekeeper to help you and the honeybees.

That’s the great part….  there are beekeepers out there waiting and praying for you to call. If it does not involve a cut out,  it should cost you nata, zilch, nothing, to remove the swarm.  You are actually doing the beekeeper a great favor.

A cut out involves removing honey bees that have relocated inside part of a structure such as a house or other building.  It can involve removing or cutting part of the structure to access the honeybees.  This may mean that there will be a cost to repair the structure after removal.

Simply go to the sign up page and complete the form.   We will get you on the list as quick as we can..


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What People
Think About Us

This was great!

When a honeybee swarm landed in a tree in our yard we contacted a beekeeper who came out and picked up the swarm.  The kids loved watching this and learned a lot from the beekeeper!

Mary Ann Derrickson

Love the website

No swarms, but I learned a lot visiting here.

Kate Coleman