About Us

I have been a Beekeeper for the past eight years. For the first couple years I was more of a “Bee haver” , discovering in the spring time that I was bee-less. But with time, research and a lot of questions to local more experienced Beekeepers, I am better at the craft.

Being in the healthcare field, my schedule does not often afford the luxury of making the local Beekeeper club meetings. If I was lucky, I might make 1/4 of them in a year. But I have been lucky enough to make acquaintances with some of the best Beekeepers in my area and like most, they are always willing to help or offer advice.

Still, not being a member, I was missing out on the club swarm lists. Although there are certainly good reasons to support a local club by joining, I did not want to pay to join solely to have my name on their swarm list. So that is why Swarm911.com came about. I wanted to create a venue that would allow any Beekeeper to list their swarm recovery services no matter if they are a club member or not.

Don’t get me wrong, I would definitely encourage you to join a club and sign up on your clubs list if that works for you. But I would like to create a one stop site that the public can go to and find the closest Beekeeper when they encounter a swarm. I want to make it easy and fast for them. I also want them to learn a little more by visiting the site. Many people have a bee phobia that is not necessarily inclusive of honey bees but because they have the possibility of stinging they are grouped in with the more aggressive or intimidating stinging insects. Hopefully if they learn more, they will alter that phobia to not dislike honey bees. They don’t have to like them, just not wish them harm. That way they can help honey bees by looking up their closest Beekeeper and getting that swarm the care it deserves.

My gratitude to all the Beekeepers who have come aboard this project. I truly hope this site helps you recover more swarms. If any one has any suggestions or comments please get in touch through the contact page. I would also welcome any articles or advice you may have for the public or other Beekeepers who visit the site.

May you do the right thing when you see a honeybee swarm and may the bees stay healthy.