Here we will highlight  the Beekeeper.

Beekeeper in Beekeeping Suit

There is an old saying:  “There are many bee havers but not as many Beekeepers. “

This is very true, especially when starting out.  If you are interested in beekeeping,  you will find many beekeepers that will encourage you and even mentor you along the way.
On this page we will profile some of the more successful Beekeepers.  Hopefully anyone interested in joining the ranks of Beekeeping will be able to learn something from our more experienced  keepers.
Full Name
Peggy Garnes
How long have you been a Beekeeper?
20+ years
How many hives in your Apiary?
total hives in 4 Apiaries – 138
What state are you located in?
Do you favor a specific type of honey bee? If so ,why?
Ohio Bred Bees and Queens
Do you sell bees?
Yes, queens
Anything else you would like our visitors to know?
I’ve been focused on raising Ohio Queens and nucs for many years now hoping beekeepers will have better winter survival rates.