Please review and fill out the information / form below.  The time it takes to post your information varies, so please be patient.  Make sure you know what zip codes you will cover for swarms as visitors will be able to search for a Beekeeper by their zip codes.

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Please ReviewThe Following Requirements Before Submitting Your Information.

  • I understand that I am submitting my contact information for the purpose of publication on the Swarm 911 website.

  • I understand that this information will be available to visitors to the Swarm 911 website.

  • I acknowledge that I am a beekeeper in either a commercial or personal function.

  • I acknowledge that I am posting my contact information so that I may be called upon to capture or remove a swarm.

  • I acknowledge that I will not hold the author or creator of Swarm 911 responsible or liable for any problems, injuries  or liabilities that my occur while while responding to a request for swarm removal.

  • I acknowledge that Swarm 911 has no financial interest if I post my specific information on this website.

  • I acknowledge that I have no criminal or otherwise questionable history that would preclude me from offering my services as a beekeeper to collect swarms on the Swarm 911 website .

  • I acknowledge that I am aware of any regulations in the state where I will be offering to collect swarms.

  • I acknowledge that if a cut out is needed, I will fully disclose the actions needed to be taken with the property owner and the possibilities of structural damage before attempting to remove the honeybees.

  • I acknowledge that I am offering my services under good faith and only with the intention of collecting or removing a honeybee swarm.