YouTube Beekeepers Worth Watching.

You can find a lot of Beekeeping resources on the Internet.  I am a visual learner so I typically gravitate to the videos and YouTube has a boat load of Beekeeper videos.  Here are some of the Beekeepers that I think are worth watching.  Some provide some character to their videos while some are more straightforward.  Either way, If you are thinking about keeping bees, new to Beekeeping, or a seasoned pro,  they are worth watching.

Theie video channel  links are below (in red)   They are not listed in any specific order

From across the pond, Stew ( I feel he would let me call him that)  is a congenial type of guy whose videos are great for the new to experienced Beekeeper.  Easy to watch and learn from.

David  puts out a lot of great videos that contain great information.  I have yet to see him put on a bee suit.   In some of his videos he will have to catch himself and get back on track, but I think that is because he loves doing this and has so much he can teach you.

Great videos, full of information.  Ever since watching their video on single brood chamber technique, I have had much better success overwintering my hives.  Thank you folks.

Dr. Leo Sharashkin

For those of you that like  natural beekeeping or the horizontal hive.  Dr Leo should definitely be on your watch list Although you can find him on many videos as a guest, he does not seem to have his own dedicated channel.  Just search his name on YouTube and you will find a video featuring his beekeeping techniques.

Another good channel for hive management techniques and disease identification and control.

I am including this video for multiple reasons.   Africanized bees are out there, they need to be addressed by keepers like this guy.  It’s a good example of what a calm and collected attitude can achieve.  A lot of the other videos on “Killer Bees” are more for entertainment or shock value. This video surprised me that the Beekeeper was not going in to destroy the bees and actually would consider relocating them .   He makes the comment that they are here and we have to deal with them.    I will leave them to the experts like this guy.  Thank god for the cold winters where I live…