Hornets are often mistaken for honey bees and often a beekeeper will arrive to a swarm call only to find out that that the insects in question are hornets or wasps, not honey bees.   That’s why some Beekeepers will request a picture before coming out.  Hornets have a smoother body and do not have the hair that a honey bee will have.  Hornets can be nasty and aggressive, especially later in the fall.  They can attack with lesser provocation, often stinging the unsuspecting garden who gets too close to their nest or ruining a picnic

Hornet / Wasp

They often nest in the ground and will get agitated by the vibration of a lawn mower or even footsteps.  They make their hive in the ground at a depth of one to two feet deep.

A colony can have 200 – 300 hornets .

Although they commonly live in the ground, they will also make nests in structures such as houses, finding holes in siding or the walls.

If you are dealing with hornets, call an exterminator.


Hornets Coming Out Of Ground Nest
Black Hornet's Nest

This is not a honey bee nest.  This is a black hornet, also known as a white face hornet.  Their nests are typically higher up in trees  making it less likely for you to be bothered by them

But unless you enjoy pain, don’t mess with them or any low hanging nests.  Call the exterminator if they are a nuisance.

They typically only hang around for one season and do not reuse the nests.