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Tired of trying to trap hive beetles when the get into your hive?  Why not make it harder for them to get in in the first place….

Pro Nuc box

Quit Lugging That Heavy Wooden NUC Box Up The Ladder To Capture A Swarm…

The Pro Nuc box is made of a sturdy but lightweight plastic material.  Easy bee access with door on either side that can be opened or closed as needed.  The cover also provides an option for extra ventilation.

On either side of the cover is a feeding port option with two different sizes that fit the standard bottle mouths.  You can place a bottle of sugar syrup to provide temporary food and energy. You do have to make a few cuts in the area to allow the feeding solution to drip.  This is easily done with a utility knife.

The  box holds 5 standard deep frames .  The frame supports have raised notches to stop the frames from shifting around during transport.

Reusable, washable, it also serves as a great swarm trap box.


Inexpensive, I bought mine for less than $17 a piece through Blue Sky Bee Supply.

Light weight but durable.

Can be reused.

Feeding ports.


The only gripe I have is on one of the boxes, the gate would not stay in the open position.  It kept sliding down the slot and partially closing the entrance.  The bees could still get in, but the entrance was definitely smaller and limited traffic.

Would I recommend?

Absolutely,  just had a have swarm with two queens that separated into two clusters.  So I had to use one box and take down the one I was using as a swarm trap for the other cluster.  Bees are staying put and taking the sugar solution.  Will have to get more….

Pro Nuc Honeybee NUC